Mom and Dad

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My husband and I are high school sweethearts who are deeply in love and happily married since June of 2008. Jud currently works full time as a desk jockey and also has a part time job two nights a week. He’s working towards, and hoping to become, a fitness instructor of some sort, so we’re looking forward to what the future holds in that regard. I am working part time from home and also working full time as a chef/bodyguard/entertainer/teacher/driver/maid aka mommy of three. I am also very involved with fitness, hoping to maybe make a career out of this as well at some point. Our primary fitness enjoyment is found in running, but as you can imagine running with three little ladies is no small task. However we try our best to make exercising into family fun as best we can. Ending a run at the playground or park, family 5k’s, or hiking get the girlies excited about burning some calories! Not to mention a family that run’s together eats lots of ice cream together.

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