The Three Ladies

Elly is 5 years old and getting ready to start kindergarten for the 2014-2015 school year! She is our little analytical thinker. She is a very attentive little lady who loves to learn and problem solve. Elly is the leader and delegator of our trio of girls. When it comes to cozying up with a book or a good board game she’s the first one in line!

Jorns is 3 years old and a ray of sunshine. She is always giggling, whether she’s playing with her sister or chatting it up with her myriad of imaginary friends. This is our daughter with no fear and an endless amount of creativity. She brings all the ideas and fun to play time and smiles to all the faces she passes!

Harper is our newest addition. She joined our family in May 2014, she is the sweetest little baby you’ll ever meet. Her smile will melt your heart and you will fall in love with her instantly. Don’t let her little features fool you though, she has quite the little personality! She is easily set off if the world is not exactly how she needs it to be at that exact moment. We love her so much and she has fit right into the family as if she’s always been there!


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