Half Marathon Recap

April 7, 2015

Well, we did it! IMG_20150404_183451 I’m so happy to say that I’ve run my first half marathon! I was nervous about this run for many reasons. I knew in my mind I could run 13.1 miles, but I wanted to get a good time, the weather was not looking good, and my right knee had been bugging me for about a month before the race. So I had a few things to worry about.

Friday night we had a big meal with homemade mac and cheese, potatoes and rolls to carb load (probably my favorite part of long runs). I didn’t sleep great, mostly just tossing and turning, anticipating the run. We woke up early Saturday morning to pouring rain, so we set our minds to beast mode, knowing we we’re going to be running a half marathon in the pouring, freezing rain. As we drove to the Airbase the rain lightened to a mist, then by the time we got our bib numbers the rain had completely stopped. It was a Christmas miracle! We started out our run with the 1hr 50min pacer, our goal was to be around 2 hours.IMG_20150404_183821 As promised the course was nice and flat, we ran the first 2 miles on the runway which was super windy, then headed onto some roads that were nicely covered by trees. Miles 7-9 were back out onto another part of the runway, that was tough to be feeling a little fatigue and running into the wind for 3 miles. I felt my knee getting sore at mile 10 but the endorphins flowing through my body kept it from hurting to much. I was pretty surprised when we hit 11 miles and Jud told me our time, we had been keeping a consistent pace of 8 minute miles. I’m not going to lie, once we passed the 12 mile marker I just wanted to be done. Jud had said something about his foot hurting but we shook it off to our old, warn out running shoes and soaking wet feet.IMG_20150404_184225 I was excited to see our time on the clock because the lady with the 1hr 50min pacer ran by us in the last 2 miles so I was thinking we would be around 2 hours. I guess she got a little extra motivation at the end and upped her pace.IMG_20150404_184115 The girls met us at the finish line with my parents and of course wanted to hold our metals and share our post race snacks.IMG_20150404_183603FB_IMG_142818643691120150404_113050 It was a great experience and I’m glad I did it. I think it will be a while before I run another half marathon though. Maybe I’ll do one a year, and I think I decided I have no desire to run a full marathon, ever!

After we had been home for a few hours Juds foot got so bad that he couldn’t walk on it so he headed to the quick care and got some xrays. Unfortunately he broke his foot, yes, he ran about the last 4 miles with a broken foot. They think it’s a fracture, which means he’s going to be wearing his walking boot for 4 weeks. The doctor wanted to get a second opinion today to make sure it doesn’t need to be casted for 6 weeks. So we’ll see how that goes.

Hope you all had a good weekend and stay tuned for our Easter post soon!

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