New York With Kids Post #2

April 19, 2016

Sunday we woke up to another beautiful, sunny NY morning. We have attempted to go to church with Jud’s sister in the past but it always ends up being to stressful. The girls don’t go into the kids classes and we’re stuck trying to keep them calm and quite, which ends up with us in the foyer for most of the service. So we decided to skip it this time and head into midtown. There was a book store I found online that I wanted to take the girls to, so that’s where we headed first. We took the train almost all the way there but ended up getting off a few stops early due to Harper not wanting to be on the subway anymore. We walked a few block and it was chilly! We ended up popping into TJ Maxx to warm up. Once we found some goodies (sunglasses, snacks, headphones) we were on our way again. Books of Wonder was a super cute little place, they have tables to eat at and shelves and shelves of kids books.IMG_1885 The bookstore was in the Chelsea area so we stuck around there for a while. I think the Chelsea area is my favorite place to be in the city. It has lots of big old buildings, shops and it’s right by the water. I can’t even imagine how much it cost to live in that area, must be nice. We grabbed coffee and then hit the walking path along the river, we didn’t have to walk far before we found a playground for the girls to get some pent up energy out.IMG_1950IMG_1909 I loved this playground, the view was gorgeous, the river was right next to us and the city is in the background. I wish my kids could play there everyday!IMG_1905IMG_1910 We grabbed lunch at a sandwich shop and walked over to Washington Square Park. We sat next to a crowd of people gathered around a man who was sitting in the middle of the walkway playing a baby grand piano. Yep a full baby grand piano in the middle of the park. The things you see in NY are amazing. Sorry about Jud’s face in this pic, it’s the only one I took in the park, you can see the piano in the top left.IMG_1923 After lunch we met up with Danielle and Blake for some ice cream. We saw The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop on one of the food network shows and have been anxious to try it. Let me tell you, it was everything we hoped for, the only thing that was disappointing was that it was gone way to fast! I got the Salty Pimp and Jud got the Bea Arthur, yum!!IMG_1939 After we ate our sweet treats we walked all the way to the the business district, where the One Trade Center is. It was about a 30 minute walk, but the sun was out and the day had warmed up as the afternoon went on. We tried to explain a little bit about 9/11 to the girls. We gave them the main points without overloading them with scary information. It was a good experience for them, I love being able to teach them about things and them being able to see it. After we walked around the Trade Center we went to the river walkway to blow bubbles and watch the boats pass by.IMG_1932IMG_1940IMG_1944By the time we were done all that it was close to 5 so we jumped on the subway and settled in for the 40 minute ride back to Queens. We grabbed Boston Market on the way home for dinner and spent some more family time at the house with our family.

Monday was our heading home day. We basically got up, got ready and packed up the van. We said our goodbyes and drove to the Upper West Side of Central Park. The weather had been bad on Saturday so we hadn’t been able to spend much time in the park. We drove around for about 20 minutes looking for a parking spot (normal for NY), we ended up near a Whole Foods which was perfect because we needed to grab a few snacks for the trip home. I don’t know why but I have a fascination with going into stores that we have in Maine that are in NY. The spaces are so different and small in the city I’m always amazed that they can fit a huge store in them. The Whole Foods was split between two floors and had a huge elevator so you could fit people with grocery shopping carts in them, it was pretty cool. We also grabbed some coffee there, then walked a couple blocks over to the park.IMG_1952IMG_1974We left the city around noon and headed to Ikea in New Haven, CT. We love just walking through and imagining our dream house. It’s such a fun store, we always make it a stop on our way home from NY because there aren’t any near Maine. After we made our purchases we were enticed by the frozen yogurt for $1 sign, it was delish and just what we needed before piling back into the van for the 4 hour drive home.IMG_1985 We got home at about bedtime for the girls, everyone was pretty tired from the travels and went to bed nicely.

Wrapping this post up, we had an awesome trip! There’s nothing like making family memories, the girls are old enough now that they will remember these trips when they get older. I love being able to show the girls all this world has to offer. There’s so much out there to see and do! I can’t wait to plan our next family vacation (maybe somewhere warmer next time?).

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