New York with Kids Post #1

April 13, 2016

There’s one thing to say about a vacation in New York City with kids, it’s not a vacation for mom and dad. Not to say we didn’t have a great time, because we certainly did, but we were wiped when we got home on Monday evening. Let me back up a bit to last Thursday night.

Jud left work a little early, came home to help me finish up packing, and we hit the road to NY a little after 4. We like driving in the evening/night so the girls can fall asleep and it doesn’t feel like we’re driving all day long. We hit no traffic on the way down, which is almost unheard of! We got to Jud’s sisters house in Queens around 10.IMG_1776 Friday morning we woke up ready to hit the city, the sun was shining but when we stepped outside it was a little chilly. The temps were in the 50’s pretty much the whole time we were there. It’s not to bad when you’re in and out of the subways and stores, you get a chance to warm up every few minutes. We stopped at our favorite bagel shop and picked up some breakfast to eat on the subway ride into Manhattan.IMG_1790IMG_1785 Harper was super excited when the train started moving, it was so cute!IMG_1787 We stopped into the H&M near Rockefeller Center and were blown away at how big it was inside, 5 floor with glass windows so you could see the hustle and bustle outside and even a floor of home decor (I didn’t even know H&M had home stuff). I may have been getting on everyones nerves because I was in awe and wanted to look at everything, the girls got antsy and ended up trying on heels and jewelry.IMG_1792 Then of course we popped into the American Girl Store. Harper fell in love with the bitty babies, we decided to get one for her as an early birthday gift (her birthday is next month). We spent quite a while walking around and checking the entire store out thoroughly, lol. The girls were each allowed to pick out an outfit for their dolls, which took way longer then I thought it would. Elly goes into panic mode when she has to make a decision (a little bit like her mom), she wants to make 100% sure she’s getting the RIGHT thing!IMG_1806IMG_1808 Our original plan was to walk the Brooklyn Bridge on Friday but since it was chilly and windy we decided to just stay in the Times Square area for the day. We did a little shopping and ended up at the girls favorite spot in the city, M&M World. Honestly it’s not one of my favorite places to go, it’s always so crowded and loud because it’s such a touristy thing to do in NY, but the girls LOVE it so we try and stop in every time we’re near there. They had some new flavors in the tubes this time which made it a little more exciting, we tried, mint, strawberry shortcake, honey nut, and easter sunday.IMG_1838 After filling bag with M&M’s we walked up to Central Park. The girls were tired of being in the strollers and needed a playground ASAP. I love how there’s so many playgrounds in Central Park, you don’t have to walk long before you find one, which is perfect when you have cranky, energetic kids. Harper took a little snooze in the carrier when she couldn’t handle life anymore.IMG_1826IMG_1830IMG_1834 We headed back to Queens for dinner at the house with Jud’s sister and her family.
Saturday was rainy and yucky so we spent the morning at the house so the girls could play with cousin Blake and chill a little. Then we drove to Brooklyn to visit the New York Transit Museum. It was pretty interesting for the adults and open so the kids could run around and explore.IMG_1856IMG_1877IMG_1861 We grabbed Shake Shack for lunch, then headed to a huge mall in Long Island. Obviously because it was a rainy day in NY the mall was packed. We mosied around for a few hours and ate dinner in the food court (plenty of options for everyone). Once we were peopled out, we drove back to Queens for the night.

Here’s a pic of Harper downing a salted caramel shake from shake shack, she was a tad obsessed.IMG_1872Our first two days in the city were a blast. Stay tuned for my next post with the second half of our trip!


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