Easter Weekend

March 30, 2016

Happy humpday everyone! We’re halfway through the week and I’m feeling rather strange today. Harper and Jordyn slept over at my in laws last night and will be gone for the day and Elly is at school. The house is quite and I feel a little off balance without my crazies running around. It is nice though to have a day to get stuff done and basically be on my own time schedule, cause honestly when does that ever happen.

We’ve been snacking on Easter candy for a few days around here and there’s still plenty around. I tried not to get to much this year but we still managed to end up with a crap ton, oh well.IMG_1541 The girls were pretty excited Easter morning, which meant waking up extra early (sigh). They came into our room saying “HAPPY EASTER!!” with big smiles on their faces. We let them just bring their baskets into our bed to open them because we weren’t quite ready to get up yet. Most of the time pictures of these girls are just a blurry mess, especially when they are excited.IMG_1552 We went to church, then headed to Jud’s parents for dinner and a big egg hunt. The girls had a blast and luckily for us the weather was pretty decent for the end of March. Watching Harper find eggs was priceless, she would freak out every time she saw one, and when she realized that they opened and had candy inside, her year was made!IMG_1592IMG_1591IMG_1585 Oh yes, Jordyn is in one of Jud’s dads shirts. On our way to my in laws we hear “mom, I’m car sick”, then about 5 seconds later “mom, I thew up”. Jorns has always been my throwing up child, so I should have known to grab a bag or something quickly when she said she was car sick. But alas I didn’t, I was bummed when she got it all over her Easter dress, but what can you do. We threw it in the wash when we got there and it was fine. It figures though, I had just ordered motion sick bracelets for the girls online but they hadn’t come in the mail yet. They arrived yesterday for our trip to NY next week. I’m really hoping they help, my poor girls and their car sickness.

IMG_1577IMG_1576IMG_1603Anyway, we had a great day, the girls enjoyed running around outside and just having a chill day. I took the day off from working out, which is always nice, we ate candy and watched a movie. It’s hard to get back to things on Monday morning after a holiday weekend, I’m so thankful to have our trip to New York next week to look forward to. Let’s pray for good weather! Hope you all had a great Eater weekend.

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