Beach to Beacon Recap

August 3, 2015

I’m so happy to say that the Beach to Beacon is over. I was looking forward to it so much but at the same time I was nervous. I knew I could run the distance but I wanted to beat my time from a couple years ago. For some reason I get my stomach in knots trying to beat myself even though I know there’s nothing to lose if I don’t, ha. I tried to relax and just enjoy the experience because it’s such a fun race. You really feel a sense of community in Cape Elizabeth even though there are about 6,600 people running this 10K. Check out this picture of the start line from above.b2b1(1) It took a minute and a half, from the time the gun went off for us to cross the actual start line (where our chips were activated on our bibs). Last time I had to go to the bathroom right before the race so we waited in the porta potty line and didn’t end up in the right corral spot. I think we started behind the 10 minute mile sign so we had a lot of people to push through and it set our time back quite a bit. Just to give you a idea this is what the lines look like to use the porta-potties.DSC03671 So this year we stopped at a gas station on the way which was a genius idea!

We headed straight for the 8 minute pace marker and hung out for about 20 minutes until it was race time. Of course we took some selfies, as you can see behind us, someone had the same idea.20150801_07565820150801_075624 The run was great. The gun went off at 8am so it wasn’t to hot when we first started. By the time we got to the finish it was a hot 80 degrees. The course isn’t to bad until about mile 4 1/2, it’s pretty much up hill with a few flat spots from there until mile 6.2. When you reach Portland Headlight where the finish line is they have a huge set up with lots of post run snacks, water and of course chocolate milk. We spent some time walking around and scoping out all the goodies.20150801_09080120150801_094106 Elly and Jordyn slept at my in laws and my sister had Harper, we all met up at the finish line. Harper was not particularly fond of getting her picture taken but we took it anyway.20150801_09362620150801_093930IMG_20150801_102034 Our official time was 48.13 which was a almost exactly a minute faster then when we ran it back in 2012. That put us at a 7.46 min pace, so I was happy. I look at our time and smile, then look at the winner who ran it in 28.28 and my jaw just drops. I’m not quite sure how someones legs can possibly move that fast, but alas, they do. I’m proud of myself, when I finished and thought back on my run I knew that I pushed as hard as I could and felt like there was no point at which I wasn’t all in! It was a blast and I hope to be lucky enough to run it again someday!

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