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Thanksgiving Week

November 27, 2015

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, spending time with the people you love! We kicked off our week on Sunday, having Thanksgiving with my dad’s family and spending the afternoon putting together our gingerbread village. We continued our festivities on Thanksgiving day at Jud’s family’s house and our last one will be on Sunday with my mom’s side of the family. It may seem like a lot to some people but to our family it’s just the normal holiday season. I would never want to skip a special family Thanksgiving with any side of our family. We love everyone so much and just have to split up our time so that we can make it all work.

Here are a few pictures of our little gingerbread village that Jordyn is now using as her own personal doll town…it’s so cute…20151122_15454820151126_200446IMG_20151122_155547IMG_20151122_155912 We’ve made gingerbread houses for years now, it’s the perfect Thanksgiving tradition that says “once turkey dinner is over it’s time for Christmas!”. The kids have so much fun, it’s creative and messy and there’s candy…I mean come on, you can’t beat it!

My girls are probably the only people I know who aren’t really into eating turkey and all the fixins, they each ate the roll and peas off their plates. But they certainly didn’t say no to pie! We’ve had lots of pie this week, I think I’m about ready to not have pie for another year.IMG_20151126_150602 I thought it would be fun to share a picture of our first Thanksgiving with a baby in 2009 and now with three beautiful girls in 2015…obviously no one is looking but hey what are you gunna do?PicMonkey Collage

So now we’re in full Christmas mode and it started at 12am Black Friday for us. We were in the line at Toy’s R Us when they opened at midnight and spent the night/morning shopping till we dropped. I only go out Black Friday if I know what I’m getting and there’s good deals on stuff I already need. We got quite a bit today and I’m pretty excited for Christmas! I feel like it’s so close but so far at the same time. It will be here before we know it thought!

I hope you all have a great weekend relaxing and are doing some Christmas decorating! This is one of my favorite decorations we have put up this year…. IMG_20151124_211642

Christmas Ideas for Kids

November 16, 2015

Since Jud and I had a date night last Friday and started our Christmas shopping, I figured it would be a good time to share a little list of gift ideas I’ve put together. Most of these are for girls because, well I have three of them. We started working on getting a list of things for the girls over the past few weeks and now it’s go time. I’m pretty excited for this Christmas, I feel like we’re at the perfect ages this year. I can’t believe it but it’s less then six weeks away, yikes! Untitled Organic Playdough, Toms, Clip on Princess Dress Up, Smencils, Kids Cook Book, Fleece Lined Leggings, Paw Patrol Walkie Talkies, Fox Socks, Toddler Sled

Sometimes having three girls makes everything easy but sometimes it’s a little challenging. Harper is the third girl which means we have everything she could possibly want to play with from the older two. So we will get her a couple little fun things like this Kids Smart Touch Pohne but she’ll also be getting some cute little clothing items, because she could care less. She is just going to want to open packages and not really think twice about what’s inside. Which makes her by far the easiest person I have to shop for this holiday season. The tiny toms are perfect for one of her gifts because they are more on the pricy side of baby shoes (I normally wouldn’t spend $30 on baby shoes), and she does love shoes….so it’s a win win! I also bought her 2 pair of wicked cute knee high fox socks. I might have gotten a little excited and opened one pair already, it’s okay I still have one pair for under the tree…

Elly and Jordyn are so fun to buy for this year. Elly is such a hands on learner, she loves drawing, reading, cooking, playing games, fashion and looking in the mirror pretending to put makeup on. Jud is making her a shelf to go over her bed for her special items that we don’t want sticky little sister fingers all over. I found the perfect little jewelry box for her at TJ Maxx to go the shelf, I’m so excited for her to get it all set up after Christmas! I got a few simple but pretty necklaces for her stocking like THIS and THIS.

Jorns is the most imaginative child in the world. She could play with little figures and her doll house for days without getting bored. She loves play dough, dolls, walkie talkies, the kitchen set we have and really any little house type thing that her figures will fit into. Elly painted a birdhouse last year that Jordyn got her hands on and now it’s home to princesses, doc mcstuffins, paw patrol and many more. All the toys that we have get played with because of this lady, when we switch up the toys on the bottom of the toy box it’s like Christmas to her! THIS pin that Jud found for her stocking is the perfect description of our little Jordyn.

So there you have it, a few things that I’m looking forward to giving my girls this Christmas. I’ve started my shopping but I still have so much more to do, I feel like it’s slowly creeping up on us. Thanksgiving is a little over a week away, how did that happen?!?!

Tis the season!

A Few Of My Favorite Things

November 10, 2015

Another crisp autumn weekend has come and gone. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend after the girls are all tucked into bed is, snuggle up with my laptop and just surf the internet. Either browsing Pinterest or random websites that lead to other random sites, I love finding things that inspire me, or inspire others. I thought I would share some of my favorite inspiring things with you all to kick off the week….ENJOY!ee63f387cb08916fe55a366ed1f9c5c2a92c40c8fb4f7066c951b20a80dedcd4f30d0eea05aef5c6d59fb2e615d4276167707ab9b07321183234a55934ec4363180bc2090ca8305be25e026dcce19dc54686592565a356fd79c2fbb0f7d28c7f50bfe822f87c5698e1991636ca2a2f9c6e6c2c0ba2880895391ca9a2a6ef3c1cb984e9dd20b2c8ac4eda61c8b2424e7c4fcc25cb1dd511e9a1259576e3239b82761097a0cdc665c7d751b6f2ef08e6aaed39c53eb36beed9163136465a4cdfb4f4d394c62104fb8f9772da638fdb8078 But of course the most fabulous and inspiring things in my life are these three little people….IMG_20151018_093435

Halloween Weekend

November 3, 2015

 What a great weekend we had. The weather was amazing, I think it was the warmest halloween we’ve had since we starting trick or treating with the girls. It’s rained some years and others we’ve been so bundled up in hats, mittens and jackets that you couldn’t even see the girls costumes. This year I just had to put some sweatshirts underneath the dresses and we were all set. Our new neighborhood is pretty good for trick or treating, the houses are close and there’s a lot of them. We have some family around too so we took the girls to see everyone so they could show off their pretty costumes.IMG_20151031_160127 This year Elly wanted to be tinker bell, which I thought was perfect since we already owned a tinker bell dress. I procrastinated as usual and starting looking for the dress Thursday morning but couldn’t find it. Elly and I turned the house upside down when she got home from school but no such luck, the costume was no where to be found. Thank goodness for amazon prime, we ordered her a new tinker bell costume with overnight shipping and Friday at lunchtime it arrived on our doorstep! *Insert sigh of relief*. Jordyn went as Sofia the First and since Harper is obsessed with kitties, we had to dress her up as a little kitten. She couldn’t stop looking in the mirror when I put the face paint on her. She would laugh and then meow and then laugh again. It was the cutest thing ever!IMG_20151031_15315320151031_15060120151031_16285420151031_163504The girls had so much fun this year and lasted a little longer then the years before, which was nice. It was just an all around enjoyable night.

And of course to make the day a little more festive I made some mummy hot dogs for lunch. It was a fun little surprise and it made the girls giggle. IMG_20151031_121352 I hope you all had a great weekend! Here’s to another week….