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The Best Pumpkin Bread Recipe

October 30, 2015

Happy Friday everyone! There’s nothing like the end of a work week and beginning of a weekend, especially when it’s a holiday weekend. We’re mostly ready for Halloween over here, and when I say mostly I mean that I had to order Elly’s costume online yesterday with one day shipping….thank goodness for amazon!

I wanted to share this amazing pumpkin bread recipe with you before the weekend. I got this recipe from my step mom and I’m not sure where she got it from but it truly is the best. Whenever I make it I get so many compliments and people always ask for the recipe, it’s moist and perfectly pumpkiny. So without further ado…..

507e08c6da4e0CIMG6132_large_medium Pumpkin Bread

Makes 2 loaf pans

  • 5 Eggs
  • 1 1/4 C Vegetable oil
  • 15 ounce Can Pumpkin
  • 2 Cups Flour
  • 2 Cups Sugar
  • 2  3oz Boxes Cook n Serve Vanilla Pudding
  • 1 Tsp Baking Soda
  • 1 Tsp Cinnamon
  • 1/2 Tsp Salt


  1. Preheat over to 325
  2. Beat eggs, then beat in oil and pumpkin
  3. In separate bowl mix all dry ingredients together
  4. Slowly add dry ingredients to wet and mix
  5. Spray the loaf pans with nonstick cooking spray, pour in the batter
  6. Cook for 75 minutes, check with toothpick

You can also add chocolate chips to make it a little extra yummy!pumpkin_bread_1 I hope you all have a fun filled halloween weekend planned. We’ll be jumping in the leaves, dressing up and stuffing our faces with candy.IMG_20151026_154455

Pumpkins + Mommy’s Day

October 27, 2015

I’m not sure how it’s nearly the end of October, but non the less it is. We’ve been busy over here getting our pumpkin carving/painting on, going to parent teacher conferences, eating donuts of a string, going to fall festivals and getting our halloween costumes put together. I say it every year around September “I’m going to start thinking about the girls costumes and getting things together.” and every year the week of halloween I’m scrambling to get everything we need…oh well, there’s always next year I guess.

Last week we had our first parent teacher conference at Elly’s new school. Jud and I couldn’t stop smiling with every teacher we met as they said nothing but praises about our little (not so little) Ellyana Lynn. You never truly understand until your a parent how proud you can be of someone. You can be proud of you kids at home for say cleaning up without being asked. But when we send them out for the whole day without us, we pray they behave, listen, share, make good friends and learn then all we can do is hope for the best. So to have her teachers tell us how much they LOVE and ADORE her just makes our hearts so so completely happy and proud to be her parents! Here’s a picture she’s been working on in art class for the past few weeks….20151022_184933 We went to a fall festival on Friday night at our library. The girls had so much fun painting pumpkins, playing games and trying to get a donut in their mouth without using their hands, so funny. One of the things we love about our new home town is the library. Jordyn goes to a preschool class there every Thursday and this month they’ve had lots of kids activity nights and fun things to do. The kids area is so cozy with reading areas and play areas for the littles. We are there at least twice a week.20151023_17094220151023_172609 Saturday Jud hung out with the girls while I had some mommy time and got my hair done. It takes me about 45 minutes to drive to my salon so coffee for the road was a must. One of the best things about going somewhere without any kids is being to get out of the car to make your own coffee instead of going through a drive through. The little gas station down the street has my favorite green mountain coffee so it was a nice treat to sip on my favorite coffee while flipping through magazines at the hair salon.20151024_115505 After my appointment I met Jud and the girls at the LL Bean pumpkin carving festival where we were met up with some families from our church. We all had a great time despite the chilly temperature…which reminds me, I’m still in search of a good winter jacket for Elly. Anyway…the girls were able to pick pumpkins and carve them, leaving all the mess outside at LL Bean instead of on our kitchen table, score!20151024_15430920151024_15493120151024_160113 To end the weekend on Sunday Jud went to the Patriots game with his dad while the girls and I had a lounge day. We’ve been so busy it was nice to just have one day with no plans. Elly kept asking me if she could do a workout so I let her get out some energy and it was pretty cute to watch. They really do learn from what they see us do….20151025_091833 Hope you’re all enjoying some fun fall activities and family time…..

Weekend Shenanigans

October 19, 2015

Hello and happy chilly Monday. There’s no doubt about it, we’re working our way toward November. This past weekend was freezing! Now when I say freezing, understand that I mean we had to turn on the heat , not that ponds froze over. Although we woke up Saturday morning to snow on the roof outside our bedroom window. It was pretty but I’m glad it was all melted within a few hours of the sun shining before we headed to Elly’s soccer game. Even though the wind left a crisp chill in the air we decided to walk down the street to our favorite coffee shop and from there stroll over to Elly’s game. However, it took a little longer then we thought to get our java so the stroll turned into quite a brisk walk with some sweating involved, but we made it in time for Elly to get out on the field before they started. We spent the rest of the day cleaning up the outside toys, chairs, strollers, bikes, exc….my dad built some shelves in the shed so we could stack everything away neatly. The girls ran around the yard pushing strollers and raking leaves.20151017_134508 Sunday was a little more out and about. After church we visited Jud’s parents new puppy, her name is Sophie and she’s the tiniest little poodle puppy, she’s so cute. The girls loved playing with her, although Harper seemed more afraid of this tiny little puppy then my parents big golden retriever.20151018_154211 Then we headed over to the apple orchard with my mom’s family. I laughed as we were driving there and it started spitting snow. Once we got to the orchard the temperature kept dropping as the sun was going down, it was 38 stinking degrees! So we went to the first few trees grabbed a few apples each, took some pictures and headed back to the barn to get warm and enjoy donuts! IMG_20151018_173130IMG_20151018_17302020151018_165700 It was the shortest apple picking trip ever but at least we got to be with our family, however short it was, we made the most of it.

Since freezing my butt off this weekend there’s a few things I’ve decided I need to make it through another winter in Maine. First off Burts Bees Chapstick is a must, I now cannot live without it. It doesn’t dry out my lips like so many other chapsticks or lip glosses I’ve tried, I absolutely love it. If you grab some soon you can get the pumpkin spice flavor, which might be the one I snagged in Target the other day.

I also need to get myself some Slipper Botties. I have my favorite LL Bean Slippers but on the really cold days you have to wear socks with them to keep your whole foot toasty, and I’m just not a sock kind a girl….

I found these Fleece Lined Leggings (say what?!) from Anthropologie that I need in my life very soon. I spend a lot of time in my comfy cozy clothes and these would fit perfectly into my wardrobe.

So that it for now…I’m sure there will be many more things added to this list as we get into the winter, so stay tuned. Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a wonderful start to your week!

Hard Times Bring Families Together

October 12, 2015

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, sorry bout that. I’ve been spending time with my extended family over the past week. My dad is one of seven kids, which means I have lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. I spent many hours with all of these fantastic people after the passing of my grandfather last week. It was very bitter sweet to our whole family, we were sad to lose the patriarch our big Garnett tribe but happy to know that Bumpa isn’t sick and suffering anymore. He’s enjoying eternity with his heavenly Father.

I have to say that I am so lucky to have such a great family. Even though some of them live out of state and we see them once or twice a year, we all love spending time together. Whether it be playing games, eating a meal or singing songs around the campfire, we just love to be together. I’m so proud of each and every one of my cousins, they have all become such great people. It seems like just yesterday we were all piling into sleeping bags and sledding down our grandparents stairs. Now we have teachers, missionaries, business owners and more, sometimes I think to myself “are they allowed to be that?”, lol. I realized I’m so blessed to have so many loved ones surrounding me, these are the people that will always be there. We all cry together when a part of our family leaves this world and rejoice together when another enters. It’s an incredibly special bond we have and there’s nothing like it.IMG_20151003_103909IMG_20151005_14312120151008_152709 We were reminded at the funeral of how precious life is and what’s truly important as we go about living our daily lives. It’s people. In the end it doesn’t matter how much stuff you have or how “cool” you are. What matters is how we’ve effected the people who’ve come across our paths in life. Did we love them and help them or did we judge them and pass them by. Did we raise our kids right? Are we leaving a good legacy? My grandfather left quite an amazing legacy and any of us would be lucky to live the life he lived.

It was a sad circumstance that brought our family together but I’m glad to have gotten time with everyone. Going through this hard time has once again brought our family closer and for that I am grateful.

Here is a picture of my grandfathers legacy. All his grandsons putting him to rest.IMG_11171 We love you Bump and can’t wait to see you again. You did good….20151008_144947

Our Week In Pictures

October 2, 2015

Hello, Happy October and Happy Friday, woohoo! What a week we’ve had, I’ve started a blog post a few times this week and just haven’t had the time to sit down and finish them. I thought I would just post some pictures of the fun things we’ve been up to lately. We’re mostly settled into our new house but this week we’ve had to do a little reorganizing. I’m trying to get all the winter stuff out and ready because we’ll blink our eyes and need snow pants!

This past week we’ve baked apple pie, taken a road trip to Castle in the Clouds in New Hampshire, starting babysitting for my cousin, spent a day cleaning and organizing, gone to the fair and spent some time shopping for winter clothing. It’s been pretty non stop one thing after the next so I’m super excited to be having a girls night with some friends tonight! I’m not sure when the last time was that I went somewhere by myself to hang out with friends. So here are some snap shots of our week….IMG_20150923_13413920150927_143211IMG_20150927_15115920150928_132457IMG_20151001_14160920151001_122026IMG_20151001_18005920151001_130059IMG_20151001_180406 I recently found this recipe for Apple Cinnamon Pancakes that look and sound delicious, maybe a weekend breakfast? 2934f97cad7a775d20fb70a986deaa83 I hope everyone’s had a good week. Here’s to a girls night to kick off the weekend!