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Back to School

August 22, 2015

It’s that time of year again, back to school. This is my last year only sending one of my girls off to school. Next year my bouncy, spunky, middle daughter will be joining her big sister as she enters kindergarten. Back to this year….Elly is starting 1st grade. She will be going to a new school as we are moving 3 days before school starts. I must say how incredibly proud of Elly I am. I was so afraid of moving to a different town and putting Elly in a different school because she’s shy and quiet. All I could think of was dropping her off and her being scared, crying and not wanting to go to school. But to my surprise Elly has assured me that she is excited to start a new school year at a different school, with a new teacher and lots of new friends. It set my mommy heart at ease, making one less thing for me to be stressing out about with our big move.

Along with the endless packing of boxes (then repacking them after Harper pulls everything out), organizing, throwing out old things, take-out runs, and keeping up with regular house things….we are doing some back to school shopping. I thought I would throw a list together of some supplies that I thought were cute and functional.Untitled Heart Lunchbox, Anchor Hair Ties, Scarf, Bentgo Box, Back Pack, Life Factory Water-bottle

Along with school we gave Elly the choice of playing soccer this fall. Last year she was to nervous to play any sports but this year she jumped at the chance! We’re so excited to see her blonde, curly, little ponytail bouncing across the field. I think this shirt in quite appropriate for me now….5b5c07499d77f5c57dbad4b7975a279d For now we will enjoy the last week of summer. Although I will be full of packing I’m going to try and fit in a few fun things for the girls. Sometimes getting them out of the house keeps us all sane. So here’s to the last lick of summer!b5613eaab13b3787f18aaa3731de4e24

How to Have a Killer Yard Sale

August 17, 2015

I hope everyone’s had a great weekend. It’s the middle of August now which means summer is already winding down. It’s so hard to believe how fast the summer goes by, a few weeks of hot and humid days is all we get here in Maine. Along with the dog days of summer ending we are coming to the end of our time in our house. As many of you know we finally sold our house, we are moving in two weeks. Yikes, I have a lot to do in just a couple short weeks. The first thing we had to do was go through everything we’ve accumulated over the past 5 and a half years and get rid of stuff. We decided to have a moving/yard sale and I’ll tell ya how we did it.

Use Social Media


Take advantage of todays technology! There’s so many ways to get the word of your yard sale out there. People are online all throughout the day and you can post it for multiple days leading up to the yard sale. Make sure to post pictures of some of the goodies you have to sell to get people interested.

– Put Signs Around Your Neighborhood

moving-sale-2 On Friday evening we drove around our neighborhood and put some signs out. I know it seems kind of cliche but honestly it works. I had people stop by and ask if this was the moving sale from the signs. So even if you feel silly, do it!

Do A Coffee Run


Most of the time yard sales start bright and early, not usually what you want to do on a Saturday morning. So to make your day (and everyone that’s helping you) a little better by starting off with your favorite cup of caffeine, whether it be coffee or tea. A coffee run is always a good idea!

– Set Things Up In A Small Area



No matter how many items you have, you want your yard sale to look full of great things! Instead of using our whole driveway we put everything toward the front. We set some of the big ticket items near the road so it would catch peoples eyes as they drove by. As things got sold I rearranged everything to make it still look good.

– Don’t Be Afraid To Drop The Price


I priced everything pretty reasonably, but a couple things I put a tad higher because I knew someone would offer less. Only by a couple dollars though, I set a couple things out for $12 that I thought were worth $10, so when someone offered $10 I was happy! We did our yard sale for two days and by Sunday when someone offered a certain price, it was theirs. By the end you really just want to get rid of everything you possibly can so if you have to take a few less dollars then so be it.

– Have A Lemonade Stand

IMG_20150815_110941 If you have kids this is a great way to get them involved! Elly and Jordyn along with our neighbors decided to set up a lemonade stand right next to the yard sale. It was 87 degrees outside so people were glad to buy a cold cup of lemonade. A few cars just stopped to get the lemonade. It helps get peoples attention and also gets the kids working. They split the money 4 ways and each made a good amount of money, it was a great idea!

So those are my few tips on having a hopefully successful yard/moving sale. Ours went great and we made quite a bit of extra cash! Hope this helps someone who’s thinking about how to have a yard sale of their own. Happy Monday all!

Friday Favorites + A Trip To The ER

August 10, 2015

Hello and Happy Monday!! I was going to do a Friday Favorites on Friday but we ended up taking Jud to the Dr and Orthopedic ER (yeah they have that), so I didn’t get a chance to upload a blog post. I’ll fill you in on what happened to Jud first.

He played basketball with the guys on Thursday night and I guess he just landed wrong on his foot and heard a pop. He pretty much crawled around the house when he got home. On Friday morning when he couldn’t move it or put any weight on it we decided it needed to be checked out. After spending the day going from place to place, we finally ended up at Orthopedic Associates. They took x rays and didn’t see a break, they thought it might be his achilles but after some testing he got cleared of that. Unfortunately it was so swollen that couldn’t tell us exactly what is wrong with it. In the end, they  told us they think he tore his plantar fascia. Who has ever even heard of this? I mean really? Only my husband would be able to have an injury like this. He has another appointment on Thursday where they will do a few more test and hopefully be able to give us an answer. For now he’s relying on crutches to get around which gets old pretty fast.maxresdefault

Now let’s move onto some of the things I’m loving lately. So this first one is a recent find for me and I am so glad I spotted it in a gas station the other day. I love a good arnold palmer, but they are usually loaded with sugar and calories. This only had 6 grams of sugar and 60 calories per serving, which isn’t bad for a sweet drink craving! It tasted delicious too, not low calorie at all. 20150807_120735

Next up is this awesome desk space for our new house. We officially sold our house last week and we’ve found a new house that we’re moving to within a few short weeks (more to come on that). But I’ve been looking around at different options for a small desk space with some storage. I found this on pinterest and absolutely fell in love with it! Maybe my hubby could even build it for me? FB_IMG_1439052497999

I’ve also been using this Downy Fresh Scent Booster. I like the smell of my laundry detergent but sometimes when I’m washing all our workout clothes the detergent just doesn’t cut it. I started sprinkling this into each load and the clothes come out smelling AMAZING! I highly recommend it if you want your laundry to smell fresh and clean every time! downy-unstopables

Has anyone heard of Unbreakable on Netflix? I just found it a few weeks ago and it’s quickly becoming a favorite binge watch for me. The main character has been living underground for 20 years and when she’s found she decides to go live in New York. Obviously when I saw that the show was centered around NY (my favorite city) I was hooked!12137941

Another thing I’m really, really loving is our van. We are out and about so much and it’s been a world of difference since we’ve gotten the van. I put Harper and Jordyn in the captain chairs then Elly in the back. There’s so much less fighting now that Elly and Jordyn are in separate rows. The front seats are nice and roomy too, so I can sit indian style if I want (not while I’m driving of course, lol). Needless to say, it’s our home away from home.20150808_114450

The last thing I’m loving this week is these three little ladies. This summer has been so crazy but I wouldn’t trade my time with all three girls for anything. Some days I can barely wait until Jud gets home from work to help me, the laundry isn’t folded, the dishes aren’t done and there’s gold fish all over the floor. Those things can wait…for now we play….IMG_20150804_075422IMG_20150807_16234520150802_152329

Beach to Beacon Recap

August 3, 2015

I’m so happy to say that the Beach to Beacon is over. I was looking forward to it so much but at the same time I was nervous. I knew I could run the distance but I wanted to beat my time from a couple years ago. For some reason I get my stomach in knots trying to beat myself even though I know there’s nothing to lose if I don’t, ha. I tried to relax and just enjoy the experience because it’s such a fun race. You really feel a sense of community in Cape Elizabeth even though there are about 6,600 people running this 10K. Check out this picture of the start line from above.b2b1(1) It took a minute and a half, from the time the gun went off for us to cross the actual start line (where our chips were activated on our bibs). Last time I had to go to the bathroom right before the race so we waited in the porta potty line and didn’t end up in the right corral spot. I think we started behind the 10 minute mile sign so we had a lot of people to push through and it set our time back quite a bit. Just to give you a idea this is what the lines look like to use the porta-potties.DSC03671 So this year we stopped at a gas station on the way which was a genius idea!

We headed straight for the 8 minute pace marker and hung out for about 20 minutes until it was race time. Of course we took some selfies, as you can see behind us, someone had the same idea.20150801_07565820150801_075624 The run was great. The gun went off at 8am so it wasn’t to hot when we first started. By the time we got to the finish it was a hot 80 degrees. The course isn’t to bad until about mile 4 1/2, it’s pretty much up hill with a few flat spots from there until mile 6.2. When you reach Portland Headlight where the finish line is they have a huge set up with lots of post run snacks, water and of course chocolate milk. We spent some time walking around and scoping out all the goodies.20150801_09080120150801_094106 Elly and Jordyn slept at my in laws and my sister had Harper, we all met up at the finish line. Harper was not particularly fond of getting her picture taken but we took it anyway.20150801_09362620150801_093930IMG_20150801_102034 Our official time was 48.13 which was a almost exactly a minute faster then when we ran it back in 2012. That put us at a 7.46 min pace, so I was happy. I look at our time and smile, then look at the winner who ran it in 28.28 and my jaw just drops. I’m not quite sure how someones legs can possibly move that fast, but alas, they do. I’m proud of myself, when I finished and thought back on my run I knew that I pushed as hard as I could and felt like there was no point at which I wasn’t all in! It was a blast and I hope to be lucky enough to run it again someday!