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Dunns Camp 2015

July 28, 2015

I’m writing this post today while sitting amongst stacks of laundry piled miles high. I’m not a fan of the whole coming home from vacation thing, especially when you haven’t had a washer and dryer for a week. I’ve been working on unpacking and cleaning for about 2 days now, but it’s all worth it because we had a great week at camp.

Dunns Camp is a small campground with maybe 20 cabins on a pond about 45 minutes from Portland. My family has been going there for over 25 years, that includes my extended family. Every year I drive down the camp road, my childhood memories come flooding back and I feel like I’m 10 again. It’s so special that I grew up going there, playing with my cousins and friends, and now I get to bring my girls there (and they love it as much as me). Jud actually visited Dunns Camp quite often as a kid as well, since he was my brothers best friend, he would come up for a few days to be with Mason. So we both have fond memories of this special place and get giddy every July when we know that Dunns is approaching.

So Monday I packed up the last minute things and headed to camp with the girls. My parents were already there unpacking their things (we stay in a big cabin with them). It was 85 degrees while we were unloading and unpacking so as soon as things were slightly settled we got in our bathing suits and stepped outside the front door and onto the beach.20150720_171212 We had some friends up over the week and the girls had a ball playing with their little friends in the water all day.20150721_135020 Jud worked Monday through Wednesday and came out at night. On Tuesday evening he was driving up the highway when our Santa Fe decided it didn’t want to work anymore. It died on the side of the road. We got it towed and Jud borrowed his parents car, we found out that it needed a few thousand dollars worth of work done. Unfortunately the amount of money it needed put into it was more then what the car was worth, yeah. So we decided it was time to say goodbye and get a new vehicle. We had to spend two days of our vacation in town car shopping/buying, which was a total bummer but never the less had to be done. We ended up with the Chrysler Town and Country, which is what we’ve been looking at for months now. We love it so much! I’ll have to do a post just about the van sometime. For now, here’s a pic of it.20150725_181945 Back to camp….we wake up to this every morning….20150722_094622 And we go to bed at night to this…IMG_20150724_202956Yup, it’s perfect!

We try to fit in a few runs while we’re there, it was hard this year because of all the time we spent not at camp. But we did manage two 4 milers. It makes me feel slightly better about all the snacks and goodies we eat while on vacation. Like this delicious breakfast!20150725_092511 There’s a little farm stand down the road that makes their own ice cream. Let me tell you, it’s the best ice cream in the world. We like to go a few times while we’re in the area. They have animals to pet and feed while you enjoy cold treat!20150724_19205920150724_194416 Aside from paddle boarding, kayaking, playing pretty pretty princess, car shopping, sitting by the water and visiting with family and friends, my favorite part was spending time with this guy.IMG_20150725_193143 We get so busy with our everyday lives and routines that sometimes I take my him for granted. I am so thankful to have him as my husband and the father of my babies. He does so much for us like working 2 (sometimes 3) jobs and still helping with things around the house, playing with the girls and even fitting in a workout with me at the end of the day. He’s always got a good attitude and is trying to do whatever it takes to make sure I have a good day! Getting to spend time together on vacation is my favorite, it doesn’t matter what we do or who we do it with as long as he’s with me. So to say we had a good vacation wouldn’t cut it. It was an amazing week with lots of precious memories.20150725_15105820150722_18505620150725_192547IMG_20150725_10411020150724_122602 I hope you all had a great week and are enjoying your summer!

Our Week in Pictures

July 20, 2015

Hello and happy Monday everyone. I’m a little extra happy this Monday because we’re leaving for vacation! We’ll be at the lake until next Sunday night, yay. I’m so looking forward to recharging at the cabin on the lake for a whole week. We rent the cabin with my parents so there’s always plenty of people around to help with the girls which makes vacation for this momma a little easier. I haven’t had a blogpost in a while though so I thought I would share our week in pictures before we head off on vaca.20150709_103452IMG_20150709_15534320150711_07265411053182_865043913531783_2776661212775799860_nIMG_20150711_094858IMG_20150711_11392320150711_120110IMG_20150716_18412720150717_19103920150715_123159 I hope you all enjoy your week! We’ll be back next week with an update about our fun week at the lake.

4th of July Weekend

July 7, 2015

Well the 4th of July has come and gone. I always feel like the 4th officially means we’re in the thick of summer. It was nice this year to get a three day weekend out of the holiday. We jam packed our 3 days with fun and ended the weekend completely exhausted, but it was totally worth it. I started off my day Friday hitting some holiday sales online. I’ve been looking for sandals for both Jud and I for a while but haven’t found what I wanted in stores. I went onto America Eagle and found that they were having great sales so I got both of us sandals for a steal. I ordered THESE for Jud and THESE in white for me, the worst thing about ordering online is waiting for your items to get here!

Once I got the shopping out of the way we headed to my dad’s camp. It’s just a small cabin on a little pond in the middle of nowhere. There’s nothing like the peace and quite out there, motor boats aren’t allowed on the water so it really stays nice. Harper had a ball kicking her feet in the water so we thought she would love to be in her float. Boy were we wrong! She screamed the whole tome she was in it until we gave in and took her out.20150703_11572620150703_12033020150703_12284020150703_14040420150703_140318 We decided to relax our processed eating diet a little for the weekend. Not completely, but enough to not stress about the BBQ’s we were going to be attending. The girls had juice boxes and we all ate burgers, dogs, ice cream and chips. It’s all about balance. I didn’t feel as bad that we had these special treats because I knew my girls hadn’t had any other “hidden” sugar at home like cereal, choc. milk, gummies, etc.

Saturday we hung out at Jud’s family’s house with his parents and grandparents. The girls were a little nervous when they first got into the pool cause they couldn’t touch but soon enough they were doing cannon balls off the edge.20150704_12222820150704_161116 We planned to go to Freeport to watch the fireworks but after we went home to change we were so tired we couldn’t get off the couch. The girls were pretty excited to watch the New York fireworks on tv. It was cool because the park where they were broadcasting from was the park that we got our family pictures taken last summer when we were visiting Jud’s sister.

Sunday we headed to my mom’s house early to meet up with the rest of my siblings and drive to Bristol NH. My great aunt lives on a lake up past Lake Winnipesaukee. It takes about 2 1/2 hours to drive there but the drive is beautiful so it makes it seem a little faster. My aunt has all the toys up there kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, a boat, a dock and a gorgeous sandy beach. Here’s everyone out playing in the water.20150705_14104620150705_123500 I was nervous about Harper dashing for the water since lately she’s become much more daring with her walking. To my surprise she sat mostly in one spot and dumped sand from bucket to bucket.IMG_20150705_165258 Elly and Jordyn had a blast playing with their Uncle Riley (who is the same age as Elly). The love each other so much!IMG_20150705_16542120150705_151806 We had such a great day visiting with family that we don’t get to see often and celebrating my grandfathers birthday. As you can tell in this picture Harper was completely warn out by the time we left.20150705_161954 I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend and a nice start to your week!