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Summer Is In Full Swing

June 28, 2015

It’s a rainy Sunday here in Maine. It’s actually really nice to have a cozy, chilly day at home. Since Elly’s been out of school the weather has been amazing so we’ve been on the go doing all things summer for the past week and a half. I’ve fallen a little behind on cleaning and laundry but hey that’s what summers about right? So today with the rain it’s the perfect time to catch up on all the things that have been left in the dust, literally. I’m possibly going to make a new banana bread recipe today to, you can find it¬†HERE.

Last weekend we went for a family hike up in the White Mountains, we researched a hike that wasn’t to long and not so hard that Elly wouldn’t be able to do it. I was so surprised at her endurance, the trail ended up being a little harder then we thought but she kept trucking, she was awesome. Daddy carried her for a little bit so her legs could get a rest.20150620_13561220150620_14212520150620_14214020150620_143128My sister in law and nephew came up from New York for a few days last week so we spent lots of time chilling with them. While they were here we got all the kids pictures taken together. Harper did good at the beginning but quickly turned into monster baby who wanted nothing to do with sitting still and saying cheese. I’m anxious to see how the pictures came out, it was a beautiful day at the ocean.20150625_11384420150625_114151 On Friday we kicked off our weekend by getting some frozen yogurt from Red’s and then walking on the beach trying to teach the girls how to skip rocks. The sand was pretty chilly and I ended up with numb toes! But it was nice to feel the evening ocean breeze on our faces. Since we live in Maine and see the ocean all the time I think most of the time we don’t think twice about the true beauty of it. Yes it’s true that I hate the snow and cold that comes with this state but we are blessed to live in such a beautiful place. There’s nothing like going to watch the waves on the beach or just gaze at the boats in the bay.20150626_19120120150626_192016IMG_20150626_194613 It’s been a good start to our summer. This past weekend the strawberry fields opened up for picking so that is on our to do list for the coming week. If your wanting to do something fun with the kiddos I highly recommend Maxwell’s Farm in Cape Elizabeth! Hope you all are having a great weekend and enjoying your summer so far.

Going Unprocessed

June 22, 2015

So much has been going to over here at the Blake household. We’ve had two broken cars, a broken dryer, kidney stones and more. With all the chaos we also decided to drastically change our eating habits. We have been watching documentaries and doing research about the food industry and with all the knowledge we now have we decided that for our family we would cut out processed foods. When I say processed foods I’m not just talking about “junk food” like chips, little debbies, and soda. I’m saying anything that was made in a factory and is not a natural food. Here’s the story….

We have always eaten “healthy” as a family. My go to snacks were greek yogurt, 100 calorie granola bars, special K cereal, cliff bars and many other healthy type foods. So when I came to find out that these healthy foods were actually hindering my health, I was pretty upset. It’s all about the ingredients that are in all those foods, if you look closely at most of these I bet you can’t even pronounce half of them. We’re also cutting out sugar, and again it’s not just cookies, candies, cake and ice cream. There’s sugar in EVERYTHING! It comes back around to looking at ingredients. The average woman should have about 24-27 grams of sugar in a day. Now look at this nutrition label from a cliff bar. Yeah, 22 grams. clifbar-sierra-trailmix-sports-nutrition-energy-food-bar2

And when I looked at the dried cranberries that I packed in Elly’s lunch. craisins

Yikes!! 29 grams of sugar. I was so disappointed that I’ve been thinking she was eating a healthy snack. So why do I care if my family eats foods with added sugar and chemicals? Everyone else eats it and they’re fine. Trust me I’m not telling anyone how they should eat or feed their families, this is just my own opinion for me and my family. One of my biggest fears is looking like a food snob to other people. It’s not about being better then anyone it’s just about how I choose to eat and sharing what I’ve learned with anyone who wants to know. So back to why? Through my research I’ve learned that when we’re eating something that was made from a factory and has added ingredients our bodies are not processing this as food. When we eat a banana or an apple our bodies recognize this as fuel for the body, it’s immediately digested and your body is nourished. Now say we grab a 100 calorie granola bar, it has less calories then the 120 calorie banana (so if we’re counting calories our minds say the granola bar is a better choice) but when we eat it our bodies don’t recognize it as food. Our body tries to search through all the ingredients to find something nourishing and when it can’t find it, the body just stores it, most likely as fat. Even if your body doesn’t store as much fat as other people all the chemicals are still in your body making you sick on the inside, it’s just not visible as fat cells.

We’re not doing this as a quick fix to lose weight though. So many people do 14 or 30 days of real food and then when it’s over they go right back to how they we’re eating before their “cleanse”. We’re making an actual lifestyle change. Now I’m not saying we’re never having ice cream again or going to our favorite restaurant and having our favorite dish.


We knew that if we tried to cut things out completely we would fail hard! So we decided that we would have something sweet and delicious on the weekend. The same goes for eating out, we’ll eat out on the weekend but we are much more aware of what we are ordering and where we pick to eat. We have made some big changes already and have some more to make in time. We cut out cereal which means that I make eggs for breakfast everyday. Yes it takes more time but I don’t mind because I know that to start our day our bodies are using the food as fuel and nourishment. One of the biggest things we cut was splenda. This was tough because I have always put splenda in my 4ish cups of coffee a day. But now knowing that all splenda is is chemicals I can’t knowingly put it in my coffee. It’s been 2 weeks now that I’ve just been putting cream in my coffee and it’s totally fine. I even like it better, I can actually taste the coffee instead of just a sweet hot drink, lol. I’ve been making my own granola bars (which the girls and Jud LOVE!) and it’s so easy. I use natural ingredients like peanut butter and honey, I get to control what goes in and that’s the key. Find the recipe HERE. 20150615_122242 Heres a sample of what Harpers food looks like this fruit or veggie, organic puffs and meat. 20150615_115548 I’m still working on finding good meal recipes, there are a ton out there though. It’s not about just eating raw veggies for dinner, that would totally suck. I’m using locally bought meats, whole wheat pasta, rice and a bunch of other items that have less then 5 ingredients that I can also pronounce. Here’s a glance at what my fridge looks like now. 20150619_192429

Lots of fruits and veggies for snacking and cooking with, eggs, milk, homemade salad dressing, hummus, homemade guacamole and tons of water. We decided besides milk we’re only going to drink water so we make sure we have plenty of ice cold bottles ready. My girls know that we aren’t drinking juice anymore and they are totally fine with it. They both got new water bottles to make it a fun new treat. Here’s the sugar going from natural to processed. sugar-processed-vs-natural I know this has been a long post I just had to get as much out there as I could. There’s still so much more to share but I think this post has gone on long enough, sorry if it bored some of you. This has just been a major life change for our family and I thought I would tell you a little about our experience so far. It’s all about keeping my family healthy and happy, as much as I can control anyway.IMG_20150621_190656 I hope you are all having a great Monday! Happy summer!!

Stitch Fix Delivery #2

June 9, 2015

When my stitch fix package arrived in the mail I was super excited. I think it’s my favorite day of the month now! It’s so cool that somewhere a stylist is personally picking out things that either I asked for or something they think I will love. So let’s get right to it, here’s what I got in my delivery.

20150522_135110 This blouse was cute when I held it up but not so much when I put it on. The sleeves were to tight and it was see through so I had a hard time trying to figure out what I would wear under it and what it would go with. So I sent this one back.20150522_135223 This one was also just a weird fit for me and I just kinda didn’t like it, ha. So this was a no go for me.20150522_135328 I wasn’t a fan of the black color of these jeans but I tried them on anyway. The fit was to loose in the belly but then to tight in the calves, go figure. It’s okay though, I’m glad that they are sending me all different kinds of jeans to see what is going to be my perfect fit and style.20150522_135255 Now this top was a little to Michael Jackson for me. The top where the¬†embroidery is was very stiff and uncomfortable. So I sent this one packing too.

Last but not least was the perfect find for me!!20150521_111519 Sorry the pictures aren’t better but no one was home to snap the pic for me. So I tried this on and basically jumped up and down I was so happy! I have been forever looking for a maxi dress that wasn’t miles to long for my short little shelf. This dress was the perfect length, I can wear flip flops with it for a casual day or dress it up with heels.20150521_111530 I love how it cinches at the waist and the flows down from there. It hides my little c section belly perfectly. It’s very light weight too, which is nice for hot summer days. I really love love love this dress. So this is the item that I bought this time around.

Here’s the outfits that they put together for me with the pieces that they sent. They really do such a great job. I’m so glad that I found this service and decided to try it, it’s so easy and no stress shopping. I’m looking forward to my next delivery in a few weeks. 20150521_110410

Click HERE to check them out.

Hope you all are having a great week!!

Mom Workout Routine

June 2, 2015

Happy Tuesday everybody! We made it through Monday and once we get through today hopefully the rain will be gone for the rest of the week. I’m really praying for nice weather this summer because when we’re all stuck in the house together for to many days things get a little out of control. I think that we’re out and about so much that the girls have grown used to not just sitting home all day. Even if we don’t drive anywhere we always try to get outside for a walk, run or bike ride. So when we get a few days of rain it really puts a damper on our daily lives and the girls get antsy! So heres hoping for better weather.

Today I thought I would post about my workout routines and how I find time with three munchkins running around to exercise. Exercise is super important to me, I try to shoot for working out 6 days a week with one day of rest. As most of you know I’m a runner. I didn’t really get into running until I already had kids so I have always just incorporated kids and joggers into my runs. Thankfully my husband loves running as much as me so it makes it nice for me to have someone to run with. We end up making it kind of a family thing, we’ll run around our neighborhood and then end at the playground.IMG_20150529_182331 So my weekly routine changes a little from day to day but usually it looks like this.

Sunday-Tuesday Jud works until 9pm so after I put the girls to bed I run 4 to 5 miles on the treadmill. While watching Gilmore Girls of course.

Wednesdays I’ve been walking about 3.5 miles with my friend Bethany and her little baby boy. Then Wednesday night Jud and I run a family friendly 5k race around the back bay when he gets out of work.

Thursday we usually go for a run around our neighborhood after we eat dinner. Fridays I am usually running around doing errands and grocery shopping so I take it as my rest day. Then Saturdays we do family exercise, whether it’s finding a new place to run, going for a hike or taking the girls on a long bike ride in the buggies.20150426_160118 I also try to do a strength training dvd three times a week. I usually can fit it in during Harpers morning nap. My favorites are Jillian Michaels 6 week six pack and The Anarchy Workout. The are both half hour workouts and you can feel it when you’re done so you know it worked! 20150528_192859 I forgot to mention that I’ve been doing yoga on Monday nights. Not every week but when I feel like I can get my crap together and get out of the house at 6:30 at night with all the girls. Its been a great class, I’m really enjoying it! 4b73d11c01a828b8ee879712d3d4312e

So there you have it, that’s how I fit exercise into my week.

I also have to quickly mention that my newly 6 year old learned how to ride a 2 wheeler this past weekend! I can’t believe how quickly she caught on, it only took about 10 minutes until was was zooming by me without daddy chasing after her. It was a very proud moment for her and me!IMG_20150531_170803