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My First Stitch Fix Delivery!

April 27, 2015

Happy Monday folks! I was out and about with the girls after I dropped Elly off at school and Jordyn was very excitedly screaming in the back seat that she saw buds on the trees! I’m truly thrilled to see the little green specs on some trees, one of the bushes in our yard is getting little yellow flowers and it makes me smile everyday!

So you may have noticed that I titled this post my first stitch fix delivery, and you might not know what I’m talking about. So let me explain. Stitch Fix is an online company that you sign up for, they assign you a personal stylist. You create a profile for your stylist to get to know you and what styles you like and dislike. They hand pick 5 items for you and you pay $20 for it to ship to you. Then you get the package, try on all the clothes and pick which ones you want to keep. You only keep what you love and you send the rest back. They make it super easy to send items back by enclosing a return bag that’s prepaid. You go online to your Stitch Fix profile and use the check out to pay for what you want to keep! Super simple. I was so excited when it came!


When I opened the package I read this little note from my stylist.20150425_145454 It also comes with a bunch of outfit ideas that incorporate the items that are in your new fix.20150425_145512 So here are the items that were in my delivery. 20150425_152046 20150425_152125 20150425_152200

So these tops were cute but unfortunately they were all just a tad to big and baggy. The two sleeveless tops looked a little like I was wearing a maternity top. The sweater was super comfy but again it was just a little to baggy for my liking. Luckily there is a place at the checkout where you can add comments about each item. So the more I tell them about how it didn’t fit right the better my clothes will fit next time! My stylist sent me these dark navy skinny jeans that were great, the only thing was that they were a little tight in the thighs (always my problem). The clothes are on the more pricey side so I told myself if I didn’t absolutely love an item I wasn’t going to get it.20150425_153709 But again I wrote a note back to my stylist about what didn’t fit right. The last thing in my fix was this great dark gray bag. It has 3 big pockets and the straps move around so that it can double as a backpack. It was seriously a great pick for me, totally my style. The only bummer was the price. It was $78 and I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on it!20150425_154821 So unfortunately I didn’t keep anything from this fix. But I’m totally okay with it. I figured the first time would be mostly me giving feedback, so I think it was a success. I think my stylist understands my style, now we’ll just work on the fit and size of things! I’m excited for my next fix at the end of May.

Other then my clothing delivery we had a pretty busy weekend. We’re in the process of getting a new family car and also selling our house. I feel like life events always come in groups for us, it can’t just be one thing at a time. So we’re tackling everything but still trying to have some family fun in the midst of chaos. We went for a nice family walk Saturday night and the girls picked up a free scooter on the side of the road, score!20150425_174451IMG_20150425_192412 Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Little Spring Style

April 22, 2015

This week has been super rainy and dreary so I thought I’d brighten things up a bit by posting some of my spring favorites for the littles in my life. Untitled Jean Overalls, Purple TuTu, Pineapple T-shirt, Summer Dress Outfit, Freshly Picked Moccasins, White Flats

I can’t wait until it’s warm enough outside for my girls to be able to just slip into flip flops or flats. Getting socks and boots or sneakers every time we leave the house is getting old!

As we get further into spring we get closer to my littlest lady turning one and my biggest lady turning 6. I’ve been on the prowl for some birthday presents and thought I would share a few passing ideas we’ve had. 9286004_sa.jpg;canvasHeight=500;canvasWidth=500

We’re thinking about getting Elly a pink kindle fire. We already have one kindle that the girls share but more often then not, they are fighting over who’s turn it is. It would be nice for each of them to have one, especially for the long car rides we take to NY. The other great thing about the kindle is you can purchase books on them and since my Elly girl is now a reader, it’s perfect!

For Harper we aren’t 100% sure what we’re getting yet. This little radio flyer 4 in 1 is pretty awesome though. It gives some independence but also has the handle so I can push her with ease.81zYj3+CJAL._SY355_ So there you have it, those are a couple things we’re thinking about.

Here’s a little snip bit of what we’ve been doing today. Enjoying Elly’s school vacation with lots of friends!20150422_095109

In Sickness and In Health

April 20, 2015

Well hello and happy Monday to you all. We’ve had quite a week over here at the Blake house. First of all, thanks to a certain little child of mine being in kindergarten, we got the lovely stomach bug that’s been going around the school. And when I say lovely I mean *DEATHLY*. My poor girls were throwing up almost non stop for 2 straight days. I was so overwhelmed with trying to comfort one child and clean up from her being sick and then the next one would get sick and I’d have to switch. Harper only got a touch of it which was such a blessing, but she was super fussy and pathetically crawling after me bawling for me to pick her up.

Unfortunately when you are taking care of sick littles you know that at some point you’re going to start feeling your own stomach turning. On day two of the girls being sick, Jud and I both started throwing up. We’ve never had a real issue with only having one bathroom in our house, until this past week. I told Jud if it came down to it I would get the bathroom and he would have to go throw up outside, haha. In our almost 7 years of marriage I don’t think we’ve ever been sick at the same time. This was a first, we were both just lying in the bed unable to move with three kids running a muck. Thankfully Elly is almost 6 and such a huge help to me. I could put the gate up so Harper couldn’t get to the stairs and I knew Elly would entertain her and let me know if I was really needed for anything.20150415_104802 The two days that we were all house bound the temperature was reaching near 70’s outside. So when everyone felt stable we decided we needed to get outside and get some fresh air. We went for a walk around the neighborhood and ended up at the duck pond down the road. It was just what we all needed.20150414_140319 I spent the remainder of the week trying to refuel the girls. Jordyn went literally 3 days on just water and a few crackers. Elly on the other hand, asked for tacos almost as soon as she felt better. We held off on the tacos for a few days and instead had some scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and toast.20150417_085149 I’m so glad we’re all feeling better and able to enjoy the spring weather. We’ve had a lot going on with our house in the past few weeks, I’m planning on doing a whole post at some point to update on that situation. But for now I will just say, very soon our family will be starting a new chapter of our lives. Hope you all had a big cup of coffee this Monday morning and are ready for a great week ahead!

Easter Weekend

April 13, 2015

It’s been a week since Easter and I finally have some time to give a little glimpse of our Easter festivities. Our half marathon was that Saturday morning, but once we were fed and rested we were ready to kick off the fun with the girls. We started out by coloring some eggs, always so messy but the girls are truly fascinated by the whole process and look forward to it every year.20150404_16323620150404_163333 I had so much fun putting the girls Easter baskets this year. It was our first year with three girly baskets. I kept Harpers pretty low key with some of her favorite snacks and a festive bowl and plate set. I stocked the older twos with outdoor spring toys, new cups, notebooks, tub toys and a pink alarm clock that Elly has been begging for.20150405_07303920150405_07312420150405_07320420150405_073745 After the girls played with their new things, we headed to church. Not before a quick photo shoot of course. Getting three small children to sit still and smile is no small task so I was more then thankful to have my husband home with us this year to help. This is the first year since Elly has been born that he has been home Easter morning. The past 5 years he’d been playing in the worship band at church and had to be there hours before the rest of us. Recently he has stepped back from some extra activities to spend more time with our family, and I couldn’t be happier. Anyway back to pictures, I can’t believe I snapped this little beauty in the hurried 5 minutes I tried to get them to sit down and say cheese.IMG_20150405_091146 We went from church to Jud’s parents for dinner. It was a nice and relaxing day with family and friends. We spent the evening playing at home, it was a nice day so the girls got to play outdoors with their new jump ropes and bubbles. It was a good first Easter for our little Harper Rory.IMG_20150405_173229

Half Marathon Recap

April 7, 2015

Well, we did it! IMG_20150404_183451 I’m so happy to say that I’ve run my first half marathon! I was nervous about this run for many reasons. I knew in my mind I could run 13.1 miles, but I wanted to get a good time, the weather was not looking good, and my right knee had been bugging me for about a month before the race. So I had a few things to worry about.

Friday night we had a big meal with homemade mac and cheese, potatoes and rolls to carb load (probably my favorite part of long runs). I didn’t sleep great, mostly just tossing and turning, anticipating the run. We woke up early Saturday morning to pouring rain, so we set our minds to beast mode, knowing we we’re going to be running a half marathon in the pouring, freezing rain. As we drove to the Airbase the rain lightened to a mist, then by the time we got our bib numbers the rain had completely stopped. It was a Christmas miracle! We started out our run with the 1hr 50min pacer, our goal was to be around 2 hours.IMG_20150404_183821 As promised the course was nice and flat, we ran the first 2 miles on the runway which was super windy, then headed onto some roads that were nicely covered by trees. Miles 7-9 were back out onto another part of the runway, that was tough to be feeling a little fatigue and running into the wind for 3 miles. I felt my knee getting sore at mile 10 but the endorphins flowing through my body kept it from hurting to much. I was pretty surprised when we hit 11 miles and Jud told me our time, we had been keeping a consistent pace of 8 minute miles. I’m not going to lie, once we passed the 12 mile marker I just wanted to be done. Jud had said something about his foot hurting but we shook it off to our old, warn out running shoes and soaking wet feet.IMG_20150404_184225 I was excited to see our time on the clock because the lady with the 1hr 50min pacer ran by us in the last 2 miles so I was thinking we would be around 2 hours. I guess she got a little extra motivation at the end and upped her pace.IMG_20150404_184115 The girls met us at the finish line with my parents and of course wanted to hold our metals and share our post race snacks.IMG_20150404_183603FB_IMG_142818643691120150404_113050 It was a great experience and I’m glad I did it. I think it will be a while before I run another half marathon though. Maybe I’ll do one a year, and I think I decided I have no desire to run a full marathon, ever!

After we had been home for a few hours Juds foot got so bad that he couldn’t walk on it so he headed to the quick care and got some xrays. Unfortunately he broke his foot, yes, he ran about the last 4 miles with a broken foot. They think it’s a fracture, which means he’s going to be wearing his walking boot for 4 weeks. The doctor wanted to get a second opinion today to make sure it doesn’t need to be casted for 6 weeks. So we’ll see how that goes.

Hope you all had a good weekend and stay tuned for our Easter post soon!