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Springtime Favorites

March 25, 2015

It’s almost April which is officially a springy month! So in honor of sunshine and flowers I put together a few of my springtime favorites for you all.

ICED COFFEE2015-03-03 13.03.13 Even though I drink iced coffee anytime of the year, it’s seems much more socially expectable to  do without a winter jacket and mittens on. It also makes me daydream of sitting in the sun at the beach with a salty breeze on my face.

Jean Jackets 

Women's AE Classic Denim Jacket (Medium Blue)



I really hate wearing winter jackets so as soon as the weather stops dipping down into the teens I’m all about jean jackets and hoodies! I have this jean jacket from American Eagle and I love it! People always ask me where I got it so I thought I would put the link for anyone who is interested.

RUNNING OUTDOORS20140712_075651 After running on the treadmill all winter you better believe we’re are stoked to get our buts outside and hit the pavement with our sneaks! It needs to warm up a little more for us to bring the girls with us in the joggers. For now we have to take turns going for outdoor runs, which is fine with us.

SANDALS08d451b0678d9739dcd24de1eb8dbc4c One of the best things about warmer weather is kicking my boots to the curb and pulling out all of my cute sandals and heels. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Uggs, but I’m ready to put them away until next fall. I think these little blue and white heels would be a great addition to my spring/summer collection!

So there you have it, a few things I love and am looking forward to now that it’s officially spring! Hope you all are having a good week.

Fitbit Review

March 19, 2015

Jud and I have been talking for a while about getting fitbits, and when we got our tax return back we decided it was the perfect time to splurge. They are a little pricey, we did some research and went with the fitbit charge HR, which are running at about $150. The main difference between the basic fitbit flex and the charge is that the charge has a heart rate monitor. It basically makes all the workout information a little more accurate. It’s also a little larger in size then the regular flex, and the price difference is $50.PicMonkey Collage The day we went to buy them, they were sold out just about everywhere. The Target near us had one left, so we grabbed it and they were nice enough to call a couple stores close by to see if they had any. I really wanted to get the plum color but one of the Targets had the last black and it was a 6-8 week wait for the plum. Oh well, black goes with everything right? Here’s what the plum looks like though.4dd1fd17ad628f6398dcff868429e61f Isn’t it pretty!!

So moving on to what it does. It tracks your steps, heart rate, miles, calories burned and how many sets of stairs you’ve done. If you like to workout you’ll love that you can hold down the button to start your workout and then hold it down when you’re done and it has tracked your workout separately from your daily log. It’s really helped me know how many calories I’m burning while doing at home workout dvd’s. I use it to track my treadmill runs as well, the only thing that is off is the milage because of how your stride is different on a treadmill then when you’re running outside. You may take half as many steps on the treadmill then on the pavement  so therefore it thinks you’ve run 2.5 miles instead of the 5 or 6 then the machine says. Other then that it’s pretty accurate, I can’t wait to use the GPS for my outdoor runs!

The fitbit syncs to your computer and to the app on your phone. The computer is where you set your daily goals, like for instance, mine is 10,000 steps a day. You can set up how many calories you want to burn and take in per day. If you wear it to bed it also tracks your sleep. It follows how much movement you make during the night and how long it took you to fall asleep, it’s pretty cool. Here’s what the dashboard looks like on your computer and phone.Charge-App-Dashboard They have added a barcode to the most recent fitbits so you can just scan the food you’re eating and it will count your calories for you. Another cool feature is that it’s water proof!! That’s a huge plus in my book, running around taking care of 3 kids my wrist is bound to get wet! I think you can even wear it in the shower, which I might be a little nervous to try.

I also love that the charge lasts for days. I only charge it about every 4 or 5 days. I plug it into my computer and it charges quickly, I believe 3 hours fully charges it.

You can add friends to your profile compete in challenges which will totally motivate you to take the stairs instead of the elevator to beat your friends. It’s a fun way to competitively burn a few extra calories. So basically would I by it over again and is it worth the money? I say yes, for me. I’m a very active person and love to be able to track my workouts. I didn’t mind spending the money because I know it’s something I will use very often for a long time. That being said, if you are not an active person, like just go for occasional walks or maybe workout once a week, I would recommend considering just the flex. All in all I think all the fitbit products are great! simple.b-cssdisabled-png.h1c1916fc11ca3374c18c03bdd5f55075.pack

Friday the 13th

March 16, 2015

Well last Friday was “Friday the 13th”, cue the creepy music. I’m not going to lie, it was a not so good day for the Blake’s. We started out the day by bringing Elly to school and Jud to work because we had a one car situation. I headed to Walmart with Harper and Jordyn and of course Harper had a poop explosion. I went to the bathroom, put her on the changing thing and when she was undresses I realized that someone had taken the wipes out of the diaper bag! I also noticed that I hadn’t put an extra outfit in the bag either. With a huge *sigh* I dressed her back up, went through the store grabbed wipes and a new outfit, headed back to the bathroom and finished what we started. After that I decided to just go home, Jordyn was acting up and I just wanted to get home. I had a bunch of phone calls to make and while I was out of the room Harper decided to pull a whole thing of wipes out and then Jordyn spilled a bag of BBQ chips on the white couch.20150313_112812 They day ended on a good note though, we went to my parents house for dinner which was homemade mac and cheese, yum and games. It’s always nice to have a bunch of extra hands and eyes on the girls, especially after a day like that!20150313_192038 I woke up Saturday morning super excited about the day. We had a babysitter coming to watch the girls for 4 hours so we could go out to lunch, run our weekend errands and grocery shop without kids. If you would have asked me 5 years ago what a perfect date day would be I think I would have said “something romantic like a fancy dinner and a movie, or maybe a special weekend getaway”. Now that I have three kiddos, when someone is watching them I want to get all my shopping done! I think everyone who has kids can understand what I’m saying. Jud and I went to this restaurant called Nosh for lunch, it’s sort of a high end burger place.20150314_115724 It was nice to sit through a meal without food being thrown onto the floor or picking up crayons 100 times. Being able to chat as husband and wife instead of dad and mom is always so nice. The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing. Jud is so busy during the week that he really tries to focus on the girls during the weekends, and they love it.20150315_11225820150315_121347 We finished the weekend off with a trip to one of our favorite ice cream places that just opened for the season! Hope all of you had a great weekend and are ready for another week.

Getting Outside

March 11, 2015

This past weekend was our first weekend with no work for both me and Jud. The past couple months I’ve been cleaning an office building on Saturdays and Jud works on Sunday afternoons, so that left us with really no day off together. I recently finished up the cleaning job which leaves us with our Saturdays to enjoy being together as a family. With the weather warming up a tad we were able to dig our way through the snow into the shed and get the girls bikes. We have been waiting so long to get out of the house for a walk/bike ride/run.20150307_145342 Even though there were some major puddles that we had to walk around while Jud carried the bikes over, the girls still had a blast. Can you tell by this face…20150307_145334 The rest of Saturday we spent running errands, and getting things done. We bought the new Tinker Bell and the Neverbeast movie for the girls to have a movie night. Unfortunately it ended up being a little scary, I’m not sure why they had to make it so creepy. I mean come on, this is a little girl movie, they don’t need a thriller that’s going to end up giving them nightmares. Oh well. Moving onto Sunday the weather was still in the upper 30’s so after church we walked around the Old Port in downtown Portland to get some lunch. There’s a newer organic restaurant down there called B Good that we like, so we hit them up for some burgers and salads. It also happens to be next to the Holy Donut shop, and you feel so good about eating a healthy lunch you don’t feel as guilty getting a donut for dessert!20150308_125749 Well it’s only Wednesday and I feel like it’s already been a long week so I’m really looking forward to tonight. It’s 56 degrees out right now so when Jud gets home we’re loading all the girlies into the joggers and going for our first outdoor family run of the year! Here’s to hoping that I don’t collapse on the side of the road pushing a jogger for the first time since last summer. Then after the littles are in bed we’re finally going to watch The Hunger Games Mocking Jay movie!!

Here’s to hoping that your work week is going by fast and your able to get outside and enjoy the weather.

Brunch + Spring

March 5, 2015

Happy March! I know it’s still winter and the ground is still covered in 4 feet of snow but the end is finally in sight! The days are starting to reach into the 30’s, which is practically short sleeve weather at this point! All the stores are getting out the cute little dresses, shorts and sandals! So when my friend text me this morning and wanted to do breakfast and then some shopping, I jumped at the chance to start getting the girls some spring/summer clothes! First we met up at a breakfast place that neither of us had been to before called “The Egg and I”. I ordered a Belgian waffle with strawberries, bananas and whipped cream, which I totally forgot to take a picture of because I was starving. Not only did the plate look like it should have been in a food magazine but it tasted amazing too! I will definitely be going back there. I think these two enjoyed their eggs and pancakes as well.IMG_20150305_132840 I ended up finding an Easter dress for Jordyn and a couple 12 month summer things for Harper. Although I love walking around stores to shop I also like to look online for good deals. I thought I would share some of the cute things I’ve found for spring! 3ae84172a5abb46a76213b4eab286833 Striped blue dress found HERE


This dress I’m in love with for Elly can be found HERE untitled

And this little number for Jordyn can be found HERE

It’s hard to believe that this is what we were doing the past weekend.20150301_15375620150301_150918 And soon we’ll be going for walks, bike rides and runs! Speaking of spring, we are starting to plan a spring family vacation. We’re so excited at the thought of getting out of Maine for a while. I’ll share more on that in another post. For now here’s to hoping for a warmer month and some major snow melting!