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Fall Means Fair

September 29, 2014

What a crazy busy week we’ve had! Between trying to squeeze fun fall activities in and keeping up with our regular schedules we’ve been right out straight. This past week the Cumberland Fair was open. I always went as a kid and had a blast. It’s one of the smaller fairs I’ sue but it has the essentials; animals, games, rides and of course food. We went after Jud got out of work so it was getting dark. All the rides were lit up and t was just like a movie scene. The girls were in awe as we walked around, it’s the simple things!

20140925_190559 We enjoyed some homemade apple crisp and the girls got to play in the petting zoo for a while.20140925_18392520140925_18254320140925_182456 It was a great night, I think the fact that Jordyn kept saying “This is the best day of my life!” proved it.IMG_20140925_193059

We had a little time this week to take the girls down to the tennis courts by our house. They beg us every time we drive by, so we figured we’d bring them and let them get some energy out while Jud and I hit the ball around. My girls are not very athletically inclined so when they show interest in a sport my husband gets really excited! It was going great until Jordyn kept saying tennis rocket and Elly called the tennis court a tennis field and made a reference to a volleyball basket, fail. So here is how we started out.20140924_181145

And this is how it ended, a melt down and then collecting pine cones, oh well, we tried right?20140929_090331
The weather here last week was beautiful, chilly enough for a long sleeve shirt or sweater but not cold enough to turn on the heat! I decided to take the younger two out for lunch last Friday and we sat outside people watching and chatting about the wonderful life of a three year old. We went to one of my favorite little coffee/café places called Aurora Provisions, they have all kinds of fun homemade things from food to trinkets and it’s a great atmosphere. You can check them out online HERE.

20140923_125107 Well that was our week, we also had quite a fun weekend that I’ll update tomorrow. Hope you all have a lovely Monday and are enjoying your Fall.

Family Fun

September 23, 2014

What a great weekend! Now that Elly is in school everyday, all day I cherish our weekends so much more. It’s our time as a family to do whatever our hearts desire and make the best memories we can while we have the chance! We had a laid back weekend, waking up late, snuggling in our pj’s until noon and playing outside in the crisp fall air. We hung up the baby swing that I picked up at the kids resale shop last week. Jordyn has been begging me everyday to hang it, she loves to swing, she goes to a zen zone and could enjoy the wind in her hair for hours!

jornsIMG_20140920_185545 We packed Harper in with a blanket and she loved it!swing On Saturday I went with my sister to help her pick out her wedding gown. I also tried on a bridesmaid dress and the only one I tried happened to be the perfect one! I was so relieved to not have to try on tons of dresses and then get depressed that I would never find one I like. So here is my dress.9815c757513bb70a9cca1169e4ef1802

My sisters wedding isn’t until next fall so Elly will be 6, Jordyn will be 4 and Harper will be about 18 months and they are all going to be in the wedding. We have a few ideas so far about what they should wear THIS is one style I love, and I found THIS little dress for Harper that is so cute! I do realized that having an 18 month old walk down the aisle could be quite a disaster but that’s what makes it cute right? Let’s just hope things go smoothly.

 I wanted to mention the new Salley Hansen miracle gel nail polish. Now I am not someone who normally wears nail polish on my fingers because within a day it always starts peeling and looking like crap, so why bother? But I bought this new stuff and I have to say it came through for me! I had it on almost two weeks. I got some many compliments and people thought that I had gotten my nails done. It was a success and I highly recommend giving it a try! The color I have on is All Chalked Up.polishpolish1Little miss Harper also found her toes this weekend, which is one of the cutest baby phases ever.harper2Hope you all have a great week. Go drink some pumpkin spice coffee!

Harper Rory 4 Month Update

September 19, 2014

My littlest lady turned 4 months old this week! I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone and how quickly the newborn stage went by. With Harper being my third and final baby I knew that I would blink and the little tiny phase would be over, so I savored every moment. I did all the things you aren’t technically supposed to do, I held her all the time, picked her up when she cried and rocked her to sleep. And it was so worth it!


Headband found Here

She had her 4 month check up today and weighed in at 11.5 lbs and 24 inches. Which puts her in the 3rd percentile for her weight but her height is good, she’s just a little peanut. Harper definitely has a “tude”, if she doesn’t get what she wants when she wants it, she loses it! But she is becoming a more calm and happy baby, she is smiling so much and is starting to take notice of her sisters. She loves Elly and is a little scared of Jordyn but she’s warming up to her. She is still waking up once a night for her midnight bottle.

harperharper1The other day I laid her on the floor while I got something and heard her cry a minute later, she had rolled from her back to her belly and had her arms stuck underneath her. So now I’m in the extra nervous phase of worrying about her rolling in her crib at night and getting stuck.


She is perfecting the art of blowing bubbles and drooling all over the place! I’m expecting some little teeth to pop up soon. We are so enjoying her little giggles and constantly kissing her cheeks! The older two love singing and dancing for her. Elly gets in he car after school everyday and the first thing she asks is “how was Harper today?”. I love how much they love her!

girls1                    Happy 4 months Harper, we adore you and you are the apple of our eyes!

Apples + Apples

September 16, 2014

Oh what a lovely weekend we had. Aside from the constant nose wiping and booger sucking that comes with this time of year, we had fun enjoying the cooler weather. Yup, we have 2 weeks of school down and all three girls are sick with colds. Elly came home on Thursday with the sniffles and all I could do was brace myself (that and I ran out to the store and stocked up on tissues). By Saturday they were all coughing everywhere and on everything. We decided to keep up with the fall festivities and continue with our plans to take the girls apple picking. It’s such a tradition in our family to go apple picking, I can never remember a year that I didn’t go as a kid and I plan to continue on with my ladies. There’s just something about sipping coffee, pulling a wagon full of kids and wearing boots that makes everything in the world seem right.

IMG_20140913_174447ellygirls And of course we got the fresh homemade donuts, they were still warm and they melted in your mouth!picking

We had a great time there and since the weather was still nice we decided to go in town Portland to walk around the Old Port. Of course we ended up at the toy store there which is a cute, quaint little place that the girls could spend hours at! Check them out online HERE.

My family wanted to get together and hang on Sunday, everyone loves apple picking so we said hey why not go again! They actually had a little music festival on Sunday, so we hung out on the grass listening to live music while the girls danced around. Here’s a picture of me with my siblings (we’re just missing my youngest brother Riley).IMG_20140914_161612

2014-09-14 16.25.35 And here’s one of my favorite people in the world20140914_155456This is the greatest time of the year and we plan on soaking up every drop of it. We are super excited because we just booked our room and board (courtesy of Jud’s sister) for our fall trip to New York in a couple weeks! Hoping you all had a great fall weekend and have a wonderful week!

All Things Fall

September 11, 2014

The temperature around here is dropping quite a bit, which can only mean one thing. It’s time for hot apple cider and sweatshirts! I love this time of year for tons of reasons but I must say one of my favorites is that you can just wake up and throw on your favorite comfy clothes and you’re ready! Here are a few things I’m loving for fall style. Untitled Can you tell I like the wear the color grey?

I also found some fallish things for the home that I thought I would share too. fall We have made a list of all the fun things we’d like to do before this season whizzes by!

-Take the girlies to the corn maze

-Pick pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and then carve or paint them

-Go apple picking

-Try and make some homemade apple cider

-Go on a hayride

-Get our family photos done

-Do a nature scavenger hunt for the girls

-Hit up the local fair

Unfortunately fall temps don’t last long in Maine, we will very quickly be freezing our butts off. So hopefully we can fit these fun things into the next few weeks!